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The characteristics of the nanocrystalline core

by:Transmart     2020-05-18
Nanocrystalline magnetic core on the one hand, can be isolated from the characteristics of eddy current, the data is suitable for high frequency; On the other hand because the gap between the particle effects, resulting in data with low permeability and constant magnetic properties; Again because of the small particle size, basically not skin occur, permeability along with the change of frequency is stable; Moreover powder can be prepared into various shapes of special-shaped parts, used in different areas; Finally, on the industrial broken strip can crush for magnetic powder, and then made into magnetic powder core, this can reduce losses, increase the use value of the data. Magnetic powder core of magnetoelectric performance mainly depends on the permeability of powder materials, powder particle size and shape, the content of filling coefficient, dielectric, the molding pressure and heat treatment process, etc. Soft magnetic powder core will continue in the future along the high Bs mu, high Tc low Pc, magnetic powder core is made up of ferromagnetic powder mixed with dielectric suppression and become a kind of soft magnetic materials. Because of the ferromagnetic particles is small ( Under the high frequency used to 0. 55 microns and separated by a nonmagnetic electrical insulating film material. Hc low and high frequency, miniaturization, thin direction development, to meet the needs of growing thin film magnetic components and miniaturization, and even the trend of integration. The characteristics and application of nanocrystalline core permeability is high, the nanocrystalline Fe73. 5 cu1nb3si13。 5 b9 alloy with high saturation magnetic induction. Good stability characteristics, and the material after heat treatment, brittle, easily processed into alloy powders. Using the alloy powder could become a new type of superfine crystal magnetic powder core, and compared with strip winding of nanocrystalline core, nanocrystalline magnetic powder core permeability is very low, and soft magnetic performance is not stable. There's an urgent need to solve the problem: 1 heat treatment effective control of nanocrystalline grew up; 2 magnetic powder core molding problems; 3 heat treatment specification affect the performance of soft magnetic magnetic powder core. Noise is the major in the application of the nanometer magnetic core circuit interference sources, many of the power electronic devices. Must use all kinds of filter to reduce noise, magnetic powder core as the main element of differential mode inductor, filter plays a key role. In order to get good filtering effect, the requirement of magnetic powder core material has the following characteristics: high saturation magnetic induction intensity, wide constant permeability characteristics, good frequency characteristic, the good results and low loss characteristics. For the above requirements, successively developed, amorphous alloy iron core of incision, increase of iron powder core (nickel, iron, aluminum core MPP powder core) Inductor with soft magnetic materials, such as the materials under different application conditions all have their own advantages and has played a role. At present, the high-end market UP powder core has a major share, but as a result of M namely powder core complex manufacturing process, raw material prices high, powder core prices high, restricted by a certain range of application. In recent years, iron-based nanocrystalline soft magnetic powder core because of its low price, simple preparation process, performance and attention, the research is quite active, is expected to replace the UP the local use of powder core, and applied in the field of high frequency.
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