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Transformer C - What are the problems facing the CORE CORE grounding will

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

first of all, we also is to note that actually C - for transformer CORE CORE, it is actually made up of silicon steel sheet, in order to reduce the eddy current, for its piece, actually, that is, there will be a certain insulation resistance ( Generally only a few ohms to dozens of ohm) Because C - The CORE of iron chip capacitance larger with respect to its being in alternating electric field, we can actually is also regarded it as pathways.

C - consequently Only need a little of the CORE CORE grounding also can make the whole stack of iron CORE lamination potential muffling at ground potential. In this way, we also is actually will notice in terms of transformer core is only a little grounding, grounding is called is normal. Popular speaking, also is actually refers to the core must be grounded, and is a one-point earthing.

when C - There are two CORE CORE or the metal artifacts such as, or more than two ( Multipoint) Phenomenon, grounding on the ground, it is also cause certain closed loop phenomenon, in this way, we will actually is also noticed that it will produce relevant local overheating, then burned iron core. The reason for the emergence of the problem, and need us to explore.

in the C - CORE eddy current of iron CORE, iron losses increase, CORE local overheating; Next, also is actually means the multipoint earthing phenomenon more serious, and under a long time, what will we do without transformer is continuous operation, to a great extent, actually is also directly leads to the oil and the winding is overheating phenomenon, make oil paper insulation is gradually ageing.

in terms of the above aspects, we will actually is also noticed that it will cause a C - CORE CORE lamination, is two pieces of insulation is also because of ageing and appear fall off phenomenon, on the way, would be lead to greater CORE overheating, C - The CORE CORE will also likely burning phenomenon.
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