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Transformer core multipoint earthing of three kinds of effective treatment methods

by:Transmart     2021-01-21
Transformer core multipoint earthing of three kinds of effective processing method - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:21 front though we have analyzed the cause of transformer core multipoint earthing a variety of reasons, but did not say how to deal with. Since found the problem, and then of course we will solve the problem. The first step is to find the root cause of the problem to solve the problem, is the core of which causes grounding, we can use the following two methods to determine the causes of failure: gas chromatography to track and monitor grounding current monitoring. Can also through the dc and ac method to judge the core point of failure. The following is the way of how to take effective method can quickly handle all kinds of causes of transformer core multipoint earthing. 1, for irfpa core have ground wire, can be in core earthing concatenated resistance on the way back, to limit the core earth current, this method can only as an emergency measures adopted. 2, for metal foreign bodies caused by core grounding fault, the hoisting cover inspection, can be found that the problem. 3, for the core burr, metal powder accumulation caused by earth fault, treatment effect is obvious in the following way. Capacitance discharge impact method. Capacitance discharge impact method. Ac arc method. Large current shock method, that is, using electric welding machine. When there is a transformer core multipoint earthing faults, don't rush to use the above method to deal with, but to determine what kind of now causes of failure, and then select different methods for different reasons, so effective and efficient solution to fault. In addition, when the transformer installation and overhaul, also must pay attention to the transformer internal clean up, especially for iron core and the gaps for oil or nitrogen to blow clean, to prevent the occurrence of multipoint earthing fault of transformer.
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