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Transformer iron core transient saturation characteristic

by:Transmart     2021-01-23
2019 - transformer iron core transient saturation characteristics 03 - Due to the equivalent frequency of aperiodic component is very low, so the transformer in the change of this part of the current field current need is very big, can lead to current transformer and the characteristics of variable current serious deterioration. Generally speaking, in the power system transmission line impedance Angle close to right Angle. This means that if the short circuit occurred in the time of voltage is 0, the short circuit current will produce larger aperiodic component; If the short circuit happen to occur in the line voltage limit time, will not produce a short-circuit current aperiodic component, but the secondary side can produce a certain number of aperiodic component. Analysis of the transient process of the current transformer saturation situation, may consider from two kinds of circumstances. In the first case is that if the transformer flux produced by the steady periodic component is greater than the saturation flux, then the transformer in the first half of the first cycle begins to saturation. In the second case is that if the transformer flux produced by the steady periodic components required for less than the saturated magnetic flux, aperiodic component also can make transformer saturation, at this time will be saturated in the aftermath of the short circuit fault occur after a few cycles. Can be seen from the above analysis, the aperiodic component has important influence on current transformer saturation. Because of one side of the periodic current difficult to preach to the secondary side, it is mainly used to produce excitation flux and can lead to transformer transfer characteristics is getting worse, serious saturation old transformer.
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