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High frequency transformer core is commonly used

by:Transmart     2020-05-28
Often used in the high frequency transformer of the seven core they are tank type magnetic core, magnetic core of RM type, E type magnetic core, EC, ETD and investigate the magnetic core, PQ type magnetic core, EP type magnetic core, the annular core, etc. 1. Tank type magnetic core skeleton is almost entirely by the core and winding, resulting in EMI shielding effect is very good; Trough core dimension conform to the IEC standard, in the manufacturing industry has a good interchangeability; Can provide a simple framework ( 销) And PCB installed skeleton ( Pin) ; Due to the shape of the tank design, core and other types of size is greater than the costs; Because of its shape is not conducive to heat dissipation, so not suitable for application in large power transformer. 2. EP type magnetic core EP type circular center column stereoscopic structure of core, in addition to the end of the contact with the PCB, completely wrapped up the winding, shielding is very good; This unique shape minimizes the interface is formed when two pieces of core assembly of the influence of air gap, and provides a larger size and the proportion of the total space utilization. 3. EC, ETD and investigate the core of these types of core structure between E type and tank type. And E core, they will be able to provide enough space, resulting in a large part of the ( For low voltage, high current switching power supply now trend) ; In core heat shape is also very good; There is in the center column for the cylindrical, compared with the same cross section of rectangle, reduce 11% of the length of the single turn winding, cause the copper loss is decreased by 11%, at the same time, the core can provide higher power output; For cylindrical center column at the same time, compared with a rectangular center column, and avoid destroying the winding insulation around the set of wire rectangular edge and corner of the cause of the problem. 4. Compared to the RM type magnetic core and tank type, cut off the side of the tank type two symmetrical, such design more is good for heat dissipation and the size of the lead; Compared with the shape of the fuel tank, save about 40% of the installation space; Skeleton type without needle type, can be installed a pair of pliers; The RM magnetic core can make flat ( Now the planar transformer or directly printed circuit board assembly design of magnetic core's winding) ; Shielding effect, though less tank type of good, but still good. 5. PQ type magnetic core is designed for PQ core switch power inductors and transformers. PQ shape optimization design of magnetic core volume, surface area and around the area ratio between; Design, make the area of the minimum core provides inductance and may maximize; Such a design, in the transformer size and weight of the smallest, the largest output power, and occupied the smallest PCB installation space; Can use a pair of clamps; The design of effective cross-sectional area also make iron circuit more evenly, so the core structure also make less than hot core structure design, etc. 6. E core compared with tank type magnetic core, E core is low, the cost of assembly is relatively simple, the shape of the core is the most widely used now, but the disadvantage is that can't provide the shielding; E core can be installed in different directions, also can pay a few high power application coverage. The core can be made into flat, planar transformer is the core of the very popular now shape; Can also provide no pin and pin type of frame, because it's heat dissipation is very good, can use superposition, general power inductor and transformer using magnetic core shapes. 7. Ring core for manufacturers, ring core is the most economic, with comparable various kinds of magnetic core, its cost is the lowest; Due to the use of skeleton, additional and assembly cost is equal to zero; Can use when suitable for winding winding machine; It's block is also very good.
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