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How current transformers work

by:Transmart     2022-04-29

What is a current transformer? A current transformer is a simple component made according to the principle of the magnetic effect of current, which can accurately measure the AC current. Efficacy and principle The key of the current transformer is to convert the large current in the AC circuit into a small current of a certain proportion (the standard in my country is 5 Abe Jinzo) for accurate measurement and the use of relay protection devices. . Everyone should understand that in the whole process of power generation, transformers, power transmission and distribution, and power distribution equipment, because of the different power consumption machinery and equipment, the current usually ranges from tens of amps to tens of thousands of amps, and this kind of circuit It will also follow the high pressure. Then, in order to monitor and accurately measure the circuit of this route, and to deal with the risk of high voltage and high current, it is necessary to use a current transformer. Some people will have seen the clamp meter used by the welder. It is a machine and equipment used to accurately measure the communication current. Which 'clamp' is the through-core current transformer. Current Transformers Current transformers can be used to expand the measurement range of AC ammeters. In application, its primary coil should be connected in series with the load route of the measured current, and the secondary electromagnetic coil should be connected in series with the ammeter to form a closed loop.

The primary coil of the current transformer is wound with a thick transmission line, and the number of turns of the coil is only one or a few turns, so its characteristic impedance is very small. When the primary coil is connected in series in the circuit under test, the current on both sides of it is very small. Although the number of turns of the secondary coil is large, under normal conditions, its induced electromotive force E2 is not high, only a few volts. Because I1/I2u003dKi (Ki is called the conversion ratio), it is not difficult to see the wiring plan of the I1u003dKiI2 current transformer in the application of the ammeter. The current according to the load is equivalent to the current measured by the secondary electromagnetic coil. The multiplication of the conversion ratio Ki. If the ammeter is used with a dedicated current transformer supporting facility, the scale of the ammeter can be marked according to the current value in the high-current circuit. The highest value of the secondary coil current of the current transformer, the general design scheme is the index value of 5A. Different current transformers are suitable for circuits with different currents, and the conversion ratios are 10/5, 20/5, 30/5, 50/5, 75/5, 100/5. For safety reasons, one end of the secondary coil of the current transformer and the casing must be grounded.
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