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How to control the quality of silicon steel core

by:Transmart     2021-01-11

Operators conduct self-inspection and mutual inspection on the parts processed by themselves. In the process of self-inspection and mutual inspection, if the problem is found to be corrected, it will be exempted from punishment. It must be checked by a full-time quality inspector before being transferred to the process, and it can be transferred to the next process after being qualified. If there is a quality problem, the operator will be punished according to the specific situation, and the full-time quality inspector will be exempt from punishment; if the quality problem is missed or not detected, the full-time quality inspector and the operator will be punished once found. The no-load loss of the iron core does not exceed the planned value. Unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory, and special circumstances must be reported to the general manager for approval.
No-load loss assurance method Wuxi transformer core, the production technology department based on the sales contract and core diameter requirements, rationally select silicon steel sheets, and leave reasonable technical coefficients for the cut sheets and laminations. If the cutting and stacking technology is normal, the no-load loss error is ±3% or more, check the planner. After the iron core processing workshop obtains the accounting drawings, the first thing to do is to check the drawings and whether they are satisfied with the technical coefficients. If in doubt, communicate with the technical department in time for timely adjustments. If there is no exchange, the workshop will take care of it.
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