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How to distinguish between nanocrystalline iron cores and ultra-microcrystalline iron cores?

by:Transmart     2022-04-29

1k101) Fe-based amorphous aluminum alloys (Fe-based amorphous aluminum alloys) Fe-based amorphous alloys are composed of 80% Fe and 20% Si, B chemical elements. It has high saturation state and magnetic induction compressive strength ( 1.54T), the magnetic permeability, excitation current and iron loss are all better than the characteristics of ferrite cores, especially the iron loss is low (1/3-1/5 of oriented silicon steel sheet), replace The use of silicon steel sheet as a power transformer can save 60-70% of environmental protection and energy. The thickness of the amorphous strip of iron-based amorphous alloy is about 0.03mm. It is widely used in power transformers, high-power power transformers, pulse transformers, magnetic amplifiers, intermediate frequency transformers and inverter power cores. It is suitable for frequency applications below 10kHz ( 1k107) Iron-based nanocrystalline aluminum alloy (Nanocrystallinealloy) Iron-based nanocrystalline aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum alloy which is dominated by iron and added with a small amount of Nb, Cu, Si, and B elements after rapid coagulation processing. Amorphous materials, this kind of amorphous materials can obtain nanocrystallites with a diameter of 10-20nm after heat treatment process, which pervade the amorphous state, and are called nanocrystallites, nanocrystal materials or nanocrystals. crystal material. Nanocrystalline materials have excellent comprehensive magnetic energy: high saturation state magnetic induction (1.2T), high original permeability (8×104), low Hc (0.32A/M), high frequency loss under high magnetic induction is low ( P0.5T/20kHzu003d30W/kg), the resistance is 80μΩ/cm, which is higher than that of permalloy (50-60μΩ/cm), and can obtain high Br (0.9) or low Br value ( 1000Gs). It is the best comprehensive material on the market at this stage; available frequency range: 50Hz-100kHz, best frequency range: 20kHz-50kHz. Widely used in high-power power transformers, variable frequency power supplies, magnetic amplifiers, high-frequency transformers, high-frequency SPWM, high-frequency choke coil cores, voltage transformer cores, leakage protector power switches, and common-mode inductor cores. The microcrystalline iron core is made of microcrystalline strip, the grain size of the strip is several microns, and the ultra-microcrystalline iron core is made of ultra-microcrystalline (also called nanocrystalline) strip, and the grain size of the strip is about 10nm .
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