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Permalloy core is suitable for weak magnetic field application? _

by:Transmart     2020-10-13
This series of magnetic core made of 1 j85 permalloy and 1 j79. Mainly used for energy transfer and energy conversion, permalloy core areas such as energy measurement, such as current transformer, voltage transformer, automatic control system, the saturable reactor, magnetic amplifier, input transformer, pulse transformer, etc. This series of magnetic core made of 1 j85 permalloy. Widely used in electronic power meters, distributor, power calibrator, micro precision current transformer, the power factor of transducer, a lot of leakage protection, magnetic amplifier, current sensor, etc. Can customize according to customer's size and performance requirements of iron core, USES the winding, laminating, rivet stack, since the fixed and rubber molding process. This core has good magnetic, have relatively high initial permeability and high permeability, low coercive force and low saturation magnetic induction intensity. They are suitable for weak magnetic field application, can be used in the manufacture of high sensitivity, small power transformers, magnetic amplifier of low power relays, magnetic recording device of magnetic head, zero sequence current transformer, power converter, precision current transformer, magnetic amplifier, power transformers, choke, pulse transformer, variable polarity pulse transformer, dc voltage converter, magnetic modulator, constant inductance components, single polarity pulse transformer, magnetic shielding, etc. The magnetic core permalloy corresponds to 1 j85 and 1 j79 ( PC - Ni- Fe) Series. It has a low iron loss, high stability and high magnetic flux density, and permeability under the condition of weak magnetic field is also high. In addition, non-standard products production process is more convenient.
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