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Permalloy core main characteristics? What are those? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-22
This material is the orientation of 80% nickel and iron, after processing with high initial permeability and low coercive force of character. The degree of its founder and gain than Square material, these features are to get the characteristics of high initial permeability and low coercive force. 80 of the signal is weak and there is no dc current, generally applicable to design high sensitivity of the input level and between transformer. At the same time it is more suitable for low loss as far as possible need and the need of current transformer. This material initial permeability is usually between 20000 and 50000, the coercive force value is about 70%. Amorphous core, nanocrystalline core, silicon steel core, permalloy core has been widely used in the following industry, such as current transformer, common mode choke and HF power transformer: core processor is our true point of sale. Why, you ask? Because it can be effective to eliminate distortion, and buzz sound will ring from the ground. Grinding ring your audio source, and the speaker using, power supply is the same. Permalloy core main features: 1. Permalloy is a low hysteresis loss of Ni - Fe- 2 Mo alloy. 3 moderately resistant to wet and general corrosion. High permeability 4. Suitable for permalloy shielding material has high magnetic permeability and nominal coercive force, making it a suitable material for shielding operation. For the shielding performance, after forming process, consolidate and improve the quality of existing products and maintenance, regular production of the new solution at the same time, to make the customer's requirements.
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