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Research and development overview of the amorphous alloy iron core transformer

by:Transmart     2020-05-15
Amorphous alloy iron core transformer is using a new type of magnetic material made of amorphous alloy iron core of transformer, amorphous alloy with excellent physical properties, the mainest is good magnetic properties. So using amorphous alloy iron core transformer will be more than the silicon steel sheet for the performance of the iron core transformer will have an advantage. Compared to the silicon steel sheet iron core transformer using no-load loss of the amorphous alloy iron core transformer could fall by about 75%, and no-load current dropped by about 80%, so that amorphous alloy iron core transformer is now the best distribution transformer, energy saving effect is particularly suitable for use in the development of rural power grids and is still in the area where the load rate is relatively low. Amorphous alloy material effect is so good, so more research is needed, to develop more suitable for a variety of areas of amorphous alloy material. Shanghai iron and steel institute of amorphous alloy materials have made a new breakthrough, the research of amorphous iron can spray 140 mm wide baseband material, the main characteristic of the amorphous alloy material is: ( 1) Amorphous alloy iron chip thickness is very thin, only 20 ~ 30 FTM, filling coefficient is not high, is about 0. 82. ( 2) Amorphous alloy iron core allowable flux density is low, the single-phase transformer is usually in 1. 3 to 1. 4 t, three-phase transformer will typically take 1. 25 ~ 1. Between 35 t. So the design of the products is limited by material will be very high. ( 3) The hardness of amorphous alloy is 5 times of silicon steel sheet, shear processing is difficult, so usually transformer manufacturers have molding core can only use to manufacture of amorphous alloy transformer. ( 4) Amorphous alloy iron core material is very sensitive to mechanical stress, so both tensile stress and bending stress can affect the magnetic amorphous alloy. So on the transformer body structure need to be considered as far as possible to reduce the stress of the core. ( 5) Amorphous alloy magnetic domain expansion degree, estimated at 10% more than the silicon steel sheet and should not be excessive clamping, the amorphous alloy transformer noise than silicon steel core transformer. Three-phase amorphous alloy transformer iron core by four box five pillar has merged into similar three-phase alternating the structure of the conjugate joints, iron core and winding two rectangular cross section, but each has its mechanical support structure.
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