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The new development of nanocrystalline magnetic core in automotive electronics!

by:Transmart     2022-12-22

Amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials are widely used in automotive electronics, new energy and other fields because of their high Bs value, high initial permeability, low Hc, and low high-frequency loss. ——The new development of nanocrystalline magnetic core in automotive electronics!

Automotive electronics puts forward new requirements for magnetic components

At the beginning of the year, my country listed new energy vehicles and charging piles as one of the seven new infrastructures, bringing new development opportunities for the development of new energy vehicles. However, with the outbreak of the epidemic, the reduction of policy subsidies, the technical problems of new energy vehicles have been unresolved, and there are still many challenges in the development of new energy vehicles. Automotive electronics also put forward new demands for magnetic components.

In recent years, the requirements for automotive electronic products have focused on two points. The first one is to have better temperature stability of magnetic components. Because as the temperature rises, the magnetic performance of the magnetic element will decrease. The second is the high frequency of automotive electronics. For nanocrystalline materials, it is hoped that the magnetic permeability should be as high as possible.

Compared with traditional soft magnetic materials, namely ferrite materials, nanocrystalline materials are smaller in size and can save space; lower loss can improve efficiency; fewer turns can reduce distributed capacitance; better impedance characteristics and better filtering effect , can cope with the development of miniaturization and high frequency of automotive electronics for new energy vehicles. '

Wide temperature high conductivity nanocrystalline magnetic core

This wide-temperature high-conductivity nanocrystalline magnetic core has greatly improved temperature stability. During the temperature test process from -40°C to 155°C, the attenuation of the magnetic permeability of our materials can basically be controlled within 15% at 155°C. From the test data, most of them are within 10%. . At 1555°C, the magnetic permeability of ordinary nanocrystalline materials decays by more than 20%. '

In the future, we will continue to develop a series of products with wide temperature constant conductance, high frequency and high conductance nanocrystalline common mode inductor cores

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