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The target of amorphous nanocrystalline core areas

by:Transmart     2020-06-09
The target of amorphous nanocrystalline core areas. But because of the limitation of amorphous nanocrystalline core in improving amorphous nanocrystalline core strength of materials is often accompanied by plastic losses. This trend as the amorphous nanocrystalline core material grain size becomes more significant. When amorphous nanocrystalline core, at room temperature, the intensity is much higher than with the composition of amorphous metal alloy, but its plastic deformation ability is almost completely lost. Amorphous nanocrystalline core of brittleness of it as high-strength engineering material in the wide range of applications. Transmart is an export-oriented company, customers in more than 50 countries. Most of our clients are from Europe and North America. We provide nanocrystalline steel, amorphous silicon steel and steel of high quality around the core. Product applications include common mode choke, hall effect current sensor, low and medium voltage instrument transformer, residual current circuit breaker, reactor, inductors, etc.
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