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Transformer core loss control method

by:Transmart     2021-01-21
2019 - transformer core loss of control method 03 - 30 15:05:39 no-load loss of transformer core loss, iron loss, mainly within the transformer iron core lamination, mainly because of the alternating magnetic field lines through the iron core of hysteresis and eddy current loss. At first used in the transformer core material is easy to soft wrought iron of magnetization and demagnetization, transformer core is made from iron wire, rather than by the whole piece of iron, in order to overcome the magnetic loop produced by periodically magnetized magnetic resistance loss and core the vortices generated by alternating magnetic flux cutting. Made of wire core can effectively reduce the eddy current cross-sectional area of the path. Around 1900, the study found that add a small amount of silicon in iron or aluminum can greatly reduce the loss of magnetic circuit, increase permeability, and make the resistivity increases, eddy current loss is reduced. After many improvements, with 0. 35 mm thick silicon steel sheet instead of transformer core wire production. In recent years, all countries in the world on the positive research production of energy-saving materials, transformer core material has grown to now new energy-saving materials & ndash; — 2605 s2 amorphous magnetic materials, amorphous alloy iron core transformer has emerged. Using 2605 s2 production of transformer, and its iron loss is only 1/5 of the transformer silicon steel, iron losses significantly reduced
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