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Transformer iron core multipoint earthing detection method

by:Transmart     2021-01-23
Transformer core multipoint earthing 2019 - test method 03 - 30 15:05:40 transformer iron core multipoint earthing method ( 1) Gas chromatography analysis. Such as gas of methane and ethylene content is higher, but the content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas is compared with the past changed little, then may be due to multipoint earthing core overheating; When appear acetylene gas, explain core multipoint earthing has a gap. ( 2) Transformer core earthing of casing is measured with a clip-on ammeter if there is a current on the grounding wire. Such as core during normal ground, because there was no current loop formation, grounding line current is very small, as milliamperes ( Generally less than 3 ma) ; , when there is a multipoint earthing is equivalent to short circuit turns around core main magnetic flux through the circulation, its value is determined by the fault point and the relative position of normal ground, that is, how much short circuit in turn surrounded by a magnetic flux, generally can reach dozens of Ann. Which can be accurately determining core multipoint earthing faults.
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