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Dry iron core reactor eight major advantages

by:Transmart     2021-01-18
Dry eight advantages of 2019 - core reactor 03 - 30 15:05:07 reactor is also called the inductor, a conductor when the electricity is a magnetic field in the occupied a certain space range, so can all current-carrying electric conductor has a general sense of perception. Electricity long straight conductor inductance is small, however, produced by the magnetic field is not strong, so the actual reactor is wires into solenoid forms, said hollow reactor; Sometimes in order to make the solenoid has a larger inductance, then inserted into the core in the solenoid, said core reactor. Characteristics: the CLP electrical design and manufacture of core reactor is insulation class F or class H insulation of high temperature resistant products, has the following characteristic by users favor: 1, flame retardant, fire prevention, explosion-proof, use a very secure: flame retardant, fire protection, adopted by the coil insulation materials such as epoxy resin, glass fiber grid cloth automatically stall characteristics will not burn, according to the arc or the external source; 2, low loss, low noise, small volume, heavy and light to transport, installation of portable; 3, winding sealed container, iron core, is through special processing can be run in a variety of environment, small amount of maintenance. 4, the cold air, can direct starting when die erste installation, basic maintenance free, long running do - K kratos operation; 5, good heat dissipation, strong overload capacity, long service life and can satisfy the 30 years of thermal aging life cycle; 6, solid insulation, coil under vacuum conditions using mixture of resin casting and become, partial discharge capacity is small, put power generally less than 5 PCS, high voltage resistance strength; 7, glass fiber winding and strengthen, winding short-circuit electrodynamic force damage resistance is very strong. After a short circuit insulation cracking, partial discharge power is increased; 8, the insulation of the product reliability, high mechanical strength, resistance to short circuit, lightning shock resistance, good thermal stability, overload ability. Reactance is divided into inductive and capacitive reactance, more scientific classification is impedance ( Inductor) And capacitive reactance ( Capacitor) Collectively known as the reactor, however due to past a first inductor, and was known as the reactor, so now what is called the capacitor is capacitive reactance, and reactor specifically to inductor. The connecting way of reactor has two kinds: series and parallel. 1, dry iron core series reactor in series reactor normally used in high voltage power capacitor, or a set of capacitor circuit, serial reactor and the parallel capacitor in series connection, can suppress harmonic voltage amplifier, decrease the system voltage waveform distortion, avoid capacitor is impaired, but also restrict parallel capacitor switching inrush current to satisfy the requirement of standard of capacitor. Up at the same time also with capacitor Banks in harmonic circuits, specific harmonic filtering effect. When need only limit switching inrush current, appropriate chooses the reactance rate was 0. 1% - 1% of damping reactor, to curb harmonic voltage amplification and above 5 times, appropriate chooses the reactance rate of 4. 5% - 6% of the reactor, more than 3 times and harmonic voltage break, appropriate chooses the reactance rate was 12% 13% of the reactor. Reactor with single-phase and three-phase two forms. Its operation type continuous operation for indoor or outdoor. 2, dry iron core of ehv shunt reactor especially parallel connection on the system of reactor, mainly used to compensate the capacitive current. In grid system, main effect is inhibition of transmission lines when light load due to the end of the line caused by the capacitive reactive power line voltage rise. Shunt reactor at the same time access to reduce the system grounding fault of power flow, is helpful to eliminate the generator self-excitation benefits. Shunt reactor can long-term safe operation under the maximum system voltage, for core shunt reactor, the reactance value of the accuracy requirement is very high, at 150% system inductance cannot exceed 5% of rated voltage.
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