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How to make a power transformer core core

by:Transmart     2020-09-20
As an efficient electric transformer core core market leader, qidong an electric appliance co. , LTD. We can say for sure, we know very little about how to create of terminal products. Blog post in the past, we have introduced the interesting history behind the power transformer core, this week, we will introduce how to make a power transformer core core: step 1: material before starting power transformer core build process, you need to ensure to use good material. Choice of power transformer core's material is cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel. The field test of ability, in order to ensure the material we received from suppliers with excellent magnetic flux and permeability. Why go through the trouble? It is very simple - Material, the better, the easier it is to the core magnetic field flow. Moreover, the high quality cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel by reducing vortex strength to reduce the loss. Step 2: the materials we have now ready to make sure we are using fine materials, now it's time for cutting building materials. For our core core transformer, we use the production line to cut electrical steel. For our core winding, we use our multifunction machine, enable us to work closely with customers, and provide the specifications of the strange to its core. The fully automatic precision cutting line enables us to finish our construction with incredible speed process. Step 3: assembly by annealing, restore transformer magnetic core. Second, we will service is committed to the core of annealing in the electrical steel carbon content reduced to below zero. The level of 01%. We are at the heart of the annealing process was shown to increase the strength of the power transformer core, formability and elasticity.
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