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Permalloy core _ what is its nature

by:Transmart     2020-10-13
Of ferromagnetic material is magnetized, permalloy core its property depends on the material chemical composition, crystal structure, temperature and microstructure. Show the ferromagnetic metal and alloy is possible, but when cooled to less than 1 k, even show the magnetic gas. Cobalt, iron and NieDou is a common ferromagnetic. Cobalt is a kind of transition metals, Curie temperature of 1388 k. Curie temperature is ferromagnetic metal show ferromagnetism is higher temperature. Transition metal elements of the periodic table of elements, its characteristic is that its inconsistent, incomplete external electron shell. Cobalt has been used in the manufacture of carbon nanotubes and electronic products used for the strong magnets. Iron is a kind of transition metals, Curie temperature of 1043 k. It is a crystalline ( It's different from the many other ferromagnetic amorphous) 。 Electromagnet used for power generation and distribution, nanowires and shape memory alloys. Nickel is another kind of amorphous transition metals, Curie temperature of 627 k. Through speed quenching ( All of a sudden cooling term) The magnetized liquid alloy. Permalloy base structure is made of different proportions of iron and nickel ferromagnetic metals. Permalloy is a kind of tunable active material, can be used in microwave equipment or miniature single chip electronic products. By changing the composition of iron and nickel proportion, can slightly change the performance of the permalloy. 45% of the nickel, 55% of the iron composite material called '45 permalloy.
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