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Technical analysis of ring core transformer

by:Transmart     2021-01-17
Ring the technical analysis of 2019 - type iron core transformer 03 - 30 15:05:12 ring type iron core transformer structure is different from the fold type iron core transformer, it is made from narrow to wide grading of silicon steel sheet strip around made two same size & other; O” Shaped cross section for the ladder semicircle box body fit closely together single-phase transformer core shell type, or on the outside of the single-phase transformer core of shell made from merely to narrow grading of silicon steel strip around the three column section are the ladder of circular ring core, three phase three column can also use greater from narrow to wide to narrow grading of silicon steel strip winding section is ladder round single-phase core type transformer core, can also be winding four & other; O” Shaped cross section for the ladder semicircle box body fit closely together three-phase five column core. The unique after annealing treatment, coil around made on core ontology model. The core can be used for all kinds of rectifier transformer, isolation transformer, oil-immersed transformer, dry type transformer, transformer, voltage transformer and reactor gas, and other products. Production on the current international ring core transformer manufacturers of many, but most are single phase transformers, such as CE company in the United States; Japan's mitsubishi, Toshiba, hill company; South Korea, India, China, Taiwan and other places, the manufacturer of ring core is in the process of winding each layer of the iron yoke position are cut, wait for after annealing, starting from the core of the inner, every time take 3 ~ 5 mm thickness of iron core set into the coil! After a core set of fastening forming, although to do so than fold an improved the performance of the chip core, but the core set of coil, the disconnected position through, make the core produces the second stress, increasing the active and reactive power losses! Process coefficient in 1. More than 2. Although roll core R type iron core forming cross section is a circular, such as filling coefficient is higher, but complex processing technology and equipment, waste materials, between core and coil axial no oil duct or ventilation, bad for heat dissipation. Annealing is an important ring core technology, it is a good core material, it is a good core technology, if annealing treatment is not good, can make the performance is very poor, even scrapped, so the quality of the annealing equipment, furnace gas, heating rate, holding time, temperature, cooling speed and open is the key to the performance of core temperature.
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