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The development and change the size of the HDD

by:Transmart     2020-10-22
HDD size has risen from 14 of the 3380 series of hard drive disk to constitute highdatatech 13 3 inch diameter. 5 inches overall dimensions in figure 4. MR/GMR sensor development is expected. Capacity, the current HDD soft magnetic alloy now, the appearance has a capacity of 18 GB, is expected to reach 100 GB over the next decade. In addition, the ability to further and area density increased at the same time is possible. The 2 used in mobile devices today. 5 inches overall dimensions can see computer platforms on the increase in the next ten years, the capacity will be 100 GB. Since 14 data charts 5. The structure of the MR and GMR sensor. The inside ( Media) Data rate trend. If you use the smaller the diameter of the disk, you can reduce the data rate, can be expected to extend for 2. 5 inch HDD 65 mm into the high speed rotating disk and markets. In the future. The price of HDD and expand capacity will also be expected to extend its application to the information processing consumer market. Figure 8 shows the contains of GMR 1 inch drive head design, loading and unloading of institutions and other characteristics. If this design is feasible, it may be competitive in the digital mobile applications such as camera, handheld devices and use the rest of the flash card today. Figure 7 shows the HDD relative to flash or MB per Megabyte DRAM memory prices, 1 inch high will drive a Megabyte of prices higher than the average capacity of the HDD, although it is still better than the equivalent of a semiconductor storage device
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