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The introduction of the choke

by:Transmart     2020-10-09
The study materials will be used in the reactor, and the material will be limited to ferrite, iron powder, Sendust, MPP and high magnetic TongXin. But would mention crystal materials, soft magnetic alloy is low frequency applications because of their working conditions, will therefore not be tested. Based on this some powder material from the ring core, the core material will have this shape. Conducted a study to test in the metal of the electric and magnetic materials, and temperature correlation will not physics, but will be discussed. 1. 4 methods in order to achieve the goal of this paper, to be specific literature research to grasp the inductor, suitable for evaluation of different materials, and the required test set up end of measurement. After having obtained the material, chapter 1 introduction to the annular core with copper wire wound inductors to the actual position. The size of the inductor winding into several different. Then they will go through the two test frequency and dc bias current to change the change of the material with the location of the inductance. Later, will measure BH to see materials when saturated, as well as the inductive core loss. Inductor will also be installed in the actual converter, to see the performance in actual application. Many measurements finished, will be the results of the analysis and comparing with theoretical data powder material performance and the performance of the inductor using conventional materials. Finish after the comparison of different material, will be to categorize them to fit the application operation
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