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The planning of future design

by:Transmart     2020-10-09
Emerging in the design of the future. The face of the HDD has been at an annual rate of density. Magnetic resistance and magnetic resistance sensor has been developed to support this. Soft magnetic alloy operation description of these sensors. Projected future performance of hard drives, and the price. Magnetic hard disk drives. New head design laboratory research and led to the 1, 3, 5, and 11. 6 gigabits per square inch. These intentions survey to head for future product development, is actually a 1. 6 gigabits/in2 expected for higher surface density until 2001. Figure 3 shows the evolution of the magnetic head to support the increase of the surface density. Induction of thin film is used to read and write heads since 1991 by the magnetic resistance ( 先生) Instead of reading sensor combined with inductive writing head, in 1997, a large magnetoresistance ( GMR) Head was introduced in order to continue the development. A laboratory at the rate of 11 demonstration. 6 gigabits/in2 using this GMR head design is carried out. New head design is to provide further area density increase, involving the structure or GMR reported from the tunnel junction device. Number four, said MR and GMR read sensor, and scaling process since 1991. This development involves reducing the length of the sensor, thereby increasing the track density and the decrease of the film thickness, it determines the density. Every time decreasing results of high surface density and accordingly high hard drive capacity, the development is expected to continue throughout the ten years to the next.
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