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The role of the transformer ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

when it comes to the role of ultra-thin silicon steel core transformer, in terms of the actual transformer, it is also can work under the state of communication, power consumption is not only above the resistance of the coil, then, we also is to actually pay attention to is it itself is directly produced under alternating current magnetic ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core.

in general, it to a large extent, actually is also will direct the ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core of the power loss is called the 'iron losses', in terms of its iron loss also is actually caused by two reasons, one is 'hysteresis losses', another is actually is also will include the eddy current loss.

hysteresis losses in fact also be ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core in the magnetization process, because itself is chasing existed hysteresis phenomenon produced by the iron loss, the loss of the size and material of magnetic hysteresis loop surrounded will actually is proportional to the area size. Said to the silicon steel magnetic hysteresis online has performance is also more narrow, use it to do the iron core of transformer magnetic hysteresis loss is small, thus, it can to a large extent also is actually make it less heat degree.

even if ultra-thin silicon steel sheet on the core of the above advantages, on its own, that is, will the slice, it is because the sheet iron core can to a large extent is also decreased another iron losses, eddy current loss. Transformer work, actually is also of coil will directly have alternating current, its flux is actually produced by alternating.

on this change also is actually refers to the magnetic flux produced by the induced current in the middle of the ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core. Ultra-thin silicon steel sheet generated induced current of iron core, in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic flux with flat inner ring, given that, we will actually is also called it is eddy current. Eddy current loss is also can make the iron core is the phenomenon of early summer fever.
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