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The use of magnetic ring inductance in new energy vehicle electronics

by:Transmart     2022-12-24

Magnetic ring inductance is one of the three essential basic components in the circuit, and is widely used in various electronic fields such as communication, automobile, consumer and industry. And with the popularization of global intelligence, the intensification of competition in the mobile phone industry, and the rise of new energy vehicles, the demand for inductive devices will increase significantly. Today I will talk to you about the use of magnetic ring inductance in new energy vehicle electronics

Important parameters of inductance: inductance: a physical quantity that produces self-inductance. Current: temperature rise current full current. Q value: quality factor. The basic principle of inductance. Inductors are the core components in filter circuits and power amplifier circuits: Generally, according to their functions, we divide inductors into three categories: power inductors; radio frequency inductors; EMI inductors mainly include common mode inductors and magnetic beads. Power inductor: In the power line, it has the effect of energy storage, filtering, and anti-current; in the signal line, it has the effect of resonance, filtering, impedance matching, and anti-current.

As far as new energy vehicles are concerned, different car factory customers have different needs and standards for vehicle models. Therefore, the specific development and production of power batteries, which are the core components of new energy vehicles, are carried out around the specific needs of customers. Therefore, Once on the list of qualified suppliers, downstream OEMs generally will not change power battery system suppliers at will, so that OEMs and power battery companies can gradually establish their long-term, stable and harmonious supply relationship and form a relatively complete supply chain system.
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