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Transformer C - What should pay attention to when CORE iron CORE in the earth?

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

C - CORE CORE, it is also the main magnetic circuit of transformer. We also is to actually pay attention to is, in general, it will itself is the silicon content in elevation, then, is also on its surface is coated with insulating paint of hot rolled or cold rolled silicon steel sheet pile is installed. C - The CORE of iron CORE coil on and around the complete electromagnetic induction system.

when it comes to its grounding points, in terms of its aspect, set up an iron yoke clamp for separate grounding wire. That is to say, when it met over a core multipoint earthing faults caused by, for the earth current, its will to a large extent also is actually only in iron core is internal flow, the core of grounding lead is no current flows through, thus, is can lead to staff as core without failure.

just after the above Settings, no matter met is any position with respect to its core to a great extent, actually also is through two grounding lead form the outside circuits, so in the external, actually also is able to correctly detect the earth current.

then, when it comes to the C - CORE CORE grounding piece actually is also directly is placed in the iron yoke cross section the middle of the plane. This place, whether it's iron yoke drawstring insulation bolt is in what position and the fault location in what position, is the biggest induced voltage loop is, there will be a quarter turn voltage, this time is also the biggest grounding current is also around several amperes, a core ground lug will to a large extent, which is directly when it is placed in the position of other small lot.

the end, when determining because of inconvenient installation and other related issues to the C - CORE CORE grounding piece is placed in another location, moreover, it to a large extent, actually is also should be pay attention to pull the iron yoke with the insulation of the bolts and the ground lug diagonal place, that is, it can to a great extent, actually is also directly is to prevent the large current.
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