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Transformer core quality control management

by:Transmart     2021-01-26
2019 - transformer core quality control management 03 - 30 15:05:22 core quality of qualified or not directly is the embodiment of the core manufacturer's technical strength, of the same material, the same specifications of iron core, make different manufacturers have different core, some manufacturer qualification rate is high, some manufacturer qualified rate is low. So, how to effectively control the quality of the iron core? 1, the transformer core before delivery should guarantee the geometry is not super bad, no-load loss less than design value, no rust. 2, appearance: no rust, core column did not tilt, don't bend, don't wandering, at the end of the iron not bending deformation. 3, the operator ( Cut on the piece of work, laminated, clamp and binding) Self-inspection, mutual inspection and the principle of combining full-time quality inspectors. The operator for your processing parts for self-inspection, mutual inspection. Self-inspection, mutual inspection process, found the problem from punishment after correction, hand over to the front of the working procedure must be through the professional quality inspectors, qualified rear can into the next to the procedure. If there is any quality problem, according to the specific circumstances of the operator is punished, full-time quality inspectors from punishment; As a result of leak, or check out the quality problem, once found to punishment of full-time quality inspectors and operators, and rewards to found the problem. 4, no-load loss not super design core values. In addition, iron core no-load loss are important problems of the quality of the relationship between the core. 1, production technology department according to the contract of sale and core diameter, reasonable choose silicon steel sheet, to cut piece, laminated set aside reasonable technology coefficient. Such as cutting, folding process is normal, no-load loss deviation & plusmn; More than 3% examination design personnel. 2, after obtaining calculation drawing core processing workshops, first check the drawings, can satisfy the technological factor, if in doubt timely communication with the technical department, in order to adjust, no communication cause rework hours, his workshop. 3, cutting workshop, screening, treatment should be made for silicon steel sheet before shear ( Edge, roll Angle, rust) , such as crease unqualified silicon steel sheet no, operation it is strictly prohibited to savage operating, Silicon steel sheet bending excessive impact) , if discover brutality operations according to quality management rewards and punishment method processing. If there is due to the rough operation by new line operators to compensate company with the responsible team, workshop. 4, cut pieces to the rolling direction, pay attention to the silicon steel sheet when the length direction of shear piece shall be the one to rolling direction. 5, cut pieces before handover laminated anticorrosive processing, several strict design standard, at all levels to avoid waste time and silicon steel sheet. Quality inspector to check the following items: iron per level of geometry size, number, burr, rust, corrosion, crease 6, core overstow workbench plane must be leveling, fold the first level should be measured accurately when the diagonal is equal. 7, shall, from time to time, in the process of piled up inspection, found unqualified place timely correction, unqualified should pick shall not be used. Fold were should make the same layer of each joint are equal in size, strive to make small joint under the previous question. To give an accurate measurement of the eight, overstow thickness per level to ensure total thickness conform to the requirements, such as excess of deviation, regardless of whether no-load loss of qualified, rework. In addition to the main level corresponding to the two levels to symmetric, otherwise it will produce iron core column is not round, make the diameter of the super poor. 9, watch correction along the column width direction and along the length direction of tilt. Before packaging quality inspector to check the following items: diagonal, high H0, window wide M0, series, thickness and total thickness per level, under the iron yoke end verticality, core loss measurement. After iron losses are identified, turn to next to the procedure. 10, on a guarantee enough size, pressure and regulations core insulation in accordance with the assembly drawings of a given size, under a should guarantee the insulation plate on both sides of the coil in a horizontal plane, ensure that core column do not bend, did not tilt, core and above 630 kva should finish clip and screw, pull up and lifting test again. 11, the whole quality of company safety, production and quality control is responsible for. All products leaving the factory, check the project of the original records for three years for future reference. Can see clearly from the above regulations, transformer core quality in addition to have direct relations with the manufacturers, but also with the design of the core has a close relationship. So, when the iron core quality unqualified problems, need to find the cause of the problem from two aspects of production and design.
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