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Transformer core the possibility of failure and its processing method

by:Transmart     2021-01-21
Transformer core 2019 - the possibility of fault and its processing method 03 - 30 15:05:37 transformer core the possibility of failure and its processing method is as follows: ( 1) Under a plate because of the distance from the transformer core or iron yoke of mechanical, impact or vibration in the operation of the transformer in the transport or, make the iron core or clip produces after displacement, both collision, iron core multipoint earthing. Processing method: at what point of failure part, the core is the board and iron core silicon steel sheet touch, pad into 2 mm thick layer of insulating board 2 ~ 3, and should be fixed. ( 2) Upper and lower yokes of iron surface silicon steel sheet for wave protrusions, on an oil duct sandwiched between two strap and wear core screw steel seat covers or folders into pieces, caused the transformer iron core multipoint earthing. Processing method: steel seat cover will be cut, to that of the silicon steel sheet distance is not less than 5 mm; With clip touch it pad 2 ~ 3 mm thick insulation board 2 ~ 3 layers can be fixed. ( 3) For core side clearance between iron and iron yoke silicon steel sheet is too big, when the hoist body, not the iron to stress, but wear core screw stress first, which suits on wear core screw bakelite insulating tube was crushed to the bad, make wear into core screw and steel seat covers, iron core multipoint earthing. Methods: squeezed bad insulation cylinder, decrease the core square of the distance between iron and iron core silicon steel sheet, when the hoist body, make the iron stress before the core core screw. ( 4) Clamp and tank wall collision caused by transformer iron core multipoint earthing, this is due to clip itself is too long or loose core positioning device, the device under impact displacement occurs. Processing methods: corrector body position, tighten core positioning device or cut part is too long, keep the clip pieces and tank wall clearance gap greater than 10 mm. ( 5) Beside the three-phase transformer 5-limb core under the yoke of the folding screen earthing wire and iron yoke collision of iron core multipoint earthing. Processing method: restore the yoke grounding device, lead and insulation earthing wire wrap fixed. ( 6) For wear on the core screw into sets of surface of steel and iron core silicon steel sheet, iron core multipoint earthing. Processing method: the long steel seat cover cut, make steel seat covers and core surface no less than 5 mm distance between silicon steel sheet. ( 7) Shoes at the bottom of the transformer core insulation weak or damaged due to the precipitation in the bottom sludge and other debris, cause the iron yoke and the bottom of the tank under the iron core of connection, the formation of iron core multipoint earthing. Processing methods; Will be at the bottom of the tank is clean, to find and remove bypass conductor. ( 8) Wear core screw caused due to the unique edge tube rupture in iron yoke iron core of silicon steel sheet local short circuit. Approach: find the damage the insulation of the cylinder and replace it. ( 9) On the transformer core conductive foreign body, short circuit between the silicon steel sheet. Methods: the foreign body removal. If in case of grounding spark burning loss, the removal of cokes and brush varnish.
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