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Two kinds of effective methods to reduce the loss of inductive iron core

by:Transmart     2021-01-25
Two kinds of effective methods to reduce the loss of inductive iron core - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:13 inductive iron core is known to be a lot of electronic products used in to a product, such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, computer, converters, transformers and LED TV screen and so on. And you should also know, electronic products have a certain amount of loss in the process of use, and inductive iron core is no exception. But, if when the inductor core loss is too big, will lead to a drop in the service life of inductive magnetic core, serious word will affect the normal operation of the application of inductive magnetic core products. So we should be how to reduce the wastage of the inductive iron core? Cause depletion of the inductive iron core: patch of inductive iron core loss mainly comes from two aspects of core loss and winding loss, and the two aspects of the loss quantity and the size of the need to judge according to the different circuit models. Among them, the core loss is mainly due to core material in alternating magnetic field, the loss is produced by its operating frequency and the total magnetic flux swing ( Δ B) The function, will greatly reduce the conduction loss effectively. Coil loss because of the magnetic energy changes caused by the energy loss, it will be when power inductor current decline, decrease the strength of the magnetic field. Inductive iron core loss reduction methods: 1, the inductive iron core of core loss with inductive iron core loss rise and fall of allowable copper loss, but also can bring the same inductive iron core material flux surge. So when the switching frequency rose to more than 500 kHz, inductive communication core loss and winding loss can greatly reduce allow dc current in the inductor. 2, inductive iron core loss is mainly embodied in the coil on the copper loss, so want to reduce the loss of a copper wire, must be in the inductor core loss rises, until the same loss. Good situation is be equal loss under high frequency stability, and to allow from magnetic structure to obtain maximum output current.
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