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Detailed explanation of the application of winding machines to produce custom common mode inductors -

by:Transmart     2023-01-08

As a unique inductor product, common mode inductors have functions that cannot be replaced by other inductors in power circuits. However, the production of common mode inductors is more complicated than other inductors. Common-mode inductors are different from basic I-shaped inductors and SMD inductors. They are all mass-produced products in one mold. Inductor manufacturers generally use two production methods for the production of common-mode inductors. One is to compare The basic manual production method is used, and the other is to use unique winding machines to carry out production in rich production experience. The magnetic material previously received a customer who needed a common mode inductor. The customer needed a common mode inductor with a specified inductance of 6.2mH and a rated voltage of 5A. Simply look at the parameters of the magnetic material, and you will know that this common mode inductor needs to be customized. Because the parameter requirements of this common mode inductor are fixed, and the current requirement is relatively high, the common mode inductor cannot be produced with too thin wire, and the size of the magnetic ring is relatively large. After making the judgment, the magnetic material has already made preparations for the production of coil inductors by manual service, but with the attitude of trying it out, the winding machine is adjusted to see if it can be produced. But fortunately, the magnetic material has very rich experience in the production of inductors. For this custom-made common mode inductor, it can be produced by a wire bonding machine. At this stage, this customized common mode inductor product has already been delivered to customers.
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