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How to choose the magnetic core? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-12

Classification of magnetic materials Magnetic materials are divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. Magnetic materials that are easily demagnetized after magnetization are called soft magnetic materials, and their coercive force is very small. Hard magnetic materials (such as magnetic steel, permanent magnetic alloy) are not easy to demagnetize. Soft ferrite core is an important category of magnetic materials. Its application fields are very wide, such as in the radio
Magnetic rods, magnetic cores in tape recorders and TV sets, magnetic rings in deflection coils, magnetic heads in video recorders, and high-frequency transformers in switching power supplies. There are many types of soft ferrite cores with different shapes, which can be roughly classified as follows: (1) Classification by shape: mainly threaded cores, ring cores (abbreviated as magnetic rings), tubular cores, and pot cores
(i.e. magnetic tank), E-shaped, day-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, I-shaped, king-shaped magnetic core. Also available are single hole, double hole and multi hole cores. (2) According to the working frequency: there are low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency and very high frequency cores. (3) Divided by material: The material grades are as follows: MXO-manganese-zinc ferrite; NXO-nickel-zinc ferrite; NQ-nickel-lead ferrite; NGO-nickel-zinc high-frequency ferrite; GTO-very high frequency ferrite.
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