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How to wire the current transformer? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-15

A current transformer is an instrument that converts the large current in the primary side circuit into a small current that can be measured by the secondary side ammeter. It is mainly used for current monitoring and measurement or measurement of electrical energy. Magnet introduces the monitoring and measurement of current: The monitoring and measurement of current is divided into two forms, one is the ammeter to detect the current; the other is the measurement of thermal overload protection. The wiring method of the ammeter to detect the current is as shown in the figure below: In the figure, the P1 terminal of the current transformer is connected to the ammeter A1, and the A2 terminal is connected in series with the P2 terminal of the transformer for grounding. How to short-circuit other unused transformers? As we all know, the secondary side of a current transformer must never be opened. Because the current transformer is a step-up transformer, in an open circuit state, the secondary side will generate high voltage, which is prone to electric shock accidents to the human body. Therefore, the secondary side must be shorted when not in use. The easiest way is to directly connect the P1 and P2 terminals with a 2.5mm wire. How to swap after the P1 and P2 terminals are reversed? When the P1 terminal is connected to the P2 terminal, then reconnect the P1 and P2 terminals to their original positions. the
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