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The applicability of the soft magnetic alloy

by:Transmart     2020-09-17
A kind of applicable to magnetic core, thin-film inductor and thin-film transformer, switch components such as soft magnetic alloy, and involves the use of this kind of soft magnetic alloy planar magnetic components. Due to the increase of magnetic components in miniaturization and performance in recent years, need a kind of soft magnetic materials, the soft magnetic materials in several hundred MHZ or higher frequency range show that the high permeability, soft magnetic material with high saturation. Magnetic flux density of 5 kG or higher, high resistivity and low coercive force. Need a resistance ratio of soft magnetic material as the material of transformer. As a magnetic material with high saturation magnetic flux density, Fe or Fe as the main composition of the alloy was well known. However, when its formation are formed by such as sputtering film for magnetic film, this alloy despite high saturation magnetic flux density, but still showed high coercive force and low resistivity. As a result, more difficult to get satisfactory soft magnetic properties from this alloy. High-frequency permeability decrease within the scope of one of the reasons is due to the generation of eddy current loss. In order to reduce the eddy current, it is necessary to reduce the film thickness and increase the rate of thin film resistor. However, in the case of not make magnetic would decline, realize the increase of resistivity is difficult. Made of soft magnetic thin film alloy such as rust resistance smaller to more than 10 mu Ω. cm。 What is needed is soft magnetic alloy, which has increased the resistivity, and also protect at least 0. 5 T saturation magnetic flux density. In addition, when implemented in the form of thin film alloy, because of the influence of the producing magnetostrictive etc, still more difficult to obtain satisfactory soft magnetic properties. In order to solve the above problems and to make the invention. Therefore, the aim of the present invention is to provide soft magnetic alloy with high resistivity as magnetic material used in high frequency range, and use this kind of soft magnetic alloy planar magnetic components.
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