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The difference between the core reactor and tubular reactor

by:Transmart     2021-01-11
The difference between the core reactor and tubular reactor is 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:18 reactor as one of the basis of less essential equipment in the power system. In recent years, under the impetus of the technological progress has made great development. Commonly used dry type reactor is divided into two core and tubular. Tubular reactor compared with core reactor, the main advantages: one is linear, more than 20 times rated current remained linear outside its characteristics. Second, low noise, generally under 40 db. The price is cheap. However, tubular reactor is common problem: magnetic field influence scope is bigger. For near reactor placed computer, control instrument, measuring instrument system interference is very big, and in some cases even lead to not work properly. Because in the operation of the tubular reactor in surrounding power very low frequency electromagnetic field, electromagnetic pollution. The loss is bigger. Under the same conditions, the tubular reactor is a more than 50% loss of core reactor. Occupy large space. Tubular reactor of space for core reactor is more than three times. If will affect the range of electromagnetic field into consideration, it occupies the site of the larger. Outdoor operation of reactor, the surface pollution resistance is poor. Product surface easy to generate pollution discharge phenomenon, where the pollution is serious, shall be equipped with antifouling, water spray, sunscreen and other facilities. 吗? Core reactor main features: save power. Compared with the tubular reactor, can save electric energy 50% above. DL462- Order 92 'high voltage parallel capacitor in series reactor technology conditions' in specific provision, reactor unit loss value ( W/Var) Half of the core reactor is a tubular reactor. This is when the reactor design and manufacture must comply with the standards. With applicable linearity. DL462- 92 in the standard regulation, core reactor in 1. Eight times the rated power flow reactance value is not more than - with the difference between the rating 5%. No electromagnetic pollution. The magnetic fields of dry type open structure to implement body around 0. 1 meters. After shield or tank, reactor without magnetic field divergence. Long service life. Product grade of insulating material heat-resisting choose F, allows the operating temperature is 155 degrees, but the design temperature according to class B, the limit temperature is 70 degrees, to reduce loss and slow in the operation of the insulating material and old? . Twenty years is a maintenance free operation. Low operating noise. Reactor of iron is made of rolled silicon steel sheet forming, no joint clearance, jointless loss and joint vibration noise, iron column to choose reasonable and the number of the air gap distance and modern adhesive compression technology, make the noise level dry type structure is less than 50 db.
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