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The effect of iron core KaiQi gap and its application

by:Transmart     2021-01-12
The effect of iron core KaiQi gap and its application of 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:22 is different from other electronic components, iron core of the manufacturing process is not static, it is often based on transformers, transformers, sensors such as electromagnetic components of the actual demand and design and production, is constantly adapt to the new change and the development of the technology. Using the cutting and cutting, spark discharge KaiQi gap on the iron core is one example. What exactly is the purpose of the core KaiQi gap? Generally we all know, air gap can be avoided in communication signal or under dc bias magnetic saturation phenomenon, to better control the inductance. Core KaiQi gap without affecting the core features of originally, and increase the work of the magnetic flux density and saturation magnetic flux density. Second, core KaiQi gap is mainly in order to reduce the work under the alternating magnetic field in asymmetric state of the remanent magnetization, and the air gap, the greater the coil current drop to zero core remanence is smaller, so the same volume of iron core can output more power. But the smaller inductance coefficient of air gap, the greater the core, in order to achieve a certain need more coil winding inductance, related copper loss will increase, coupled with the coil number of turns, distributed capacitance is also relatively increase, affect the working stability of magnetic components, so the actual application to trade-offs, determine the value of the gas gap size. Air gap core application in magnetic components: air gap in the reactor core application, prevent the large current when the magnetic saturation. In general, the air gap big number of ampere turns it, to prevent the magnetic saturation have very good effect. The air gap core application in sensor ( Hall sensor) , use KaiQi gap on the iron core, insert hall sensor in the gap, then wound coil, a magnetic field when a current flows through the coil, the hall sensor signal output. Secondly and application in high frequency transformer, because of the high UPS of notions of wave, in order to prevent saturation, so be KaiQi gap. The reactor are also in order to prevent the magnetic saturation, general KaiQi gap on the iron core. Core core KaiQi gap in addition to itself has certain requirements, the quality of the iron core is opening size also need high precision. Core manufacturer with advanced cutting equipment, can produce conform to user requirements of various air gap core, and reduce the error to small.
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