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The influence of media on disk

by:Transmart     2020-10-18
Materials and structures of other progress surface density disk medium will increase at the same time, and performance. The transition of disk substrate of glass or glass/ceramic mechanical properties related to the modulus E. Grochowski and D. 一个。 Thompson, keep the surface density of magnetic recording, 'IEEE Trans. Magnetism, 30 June 1994. Cheng has, such as the design, manufacture and rotate the valve head high density test record ', as well as the base material and its smoothness magnetic film. Glass seems to be a lot of the future development direction of a lot of hard disk. Improvement measures will solve the paramagnetic properties in magnetic material and structure, according to the report is very important surface density over 40 gigabits per square inch. Soft magnetic alloy these changes will involve new, attractive and stable film, J. N。 Potter, 'balance: the disk drive industry and market demand', introduced in 1998, held in Tokyo on April 5 solstice 17 DiskCon & # 39; Japan in 98. For example the sa cobalt and smaller particle size less than 10 nm. Many of these are representative of designer and magnetic hard disk physicists proposed, but there is the possibility of a hard drive in the future. The equipment performance and lack of alternative storage would continue to protect major survey aims to increase the capacity and performance.
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