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Nanocrystalline magnetic core (anti-DC component iron core) industry!

by:Transmart     2022-12-21

Magnetic materials are divided into permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials, and the nanocrystalline magnetic core materials they mainly produce are also a branch of soft magnetic materials.

The reason why I chose this segmented field to start a business is because I am familiar with the profession, and secondly, because the nanocrystalline magnetic core materials produced by some large companies in the market are all in a fixed shape or unified standards, which cannot fully meet the needs of customers. need. 'We don't compare brands with big companies, but we can compare the flexibility of products and customize products according to customer needs.' 'Fineness' is a major competitive advantage for them compared with big companies.

It is understood that after the strip is purchased, the production of nanocrystalline magnetic core materials needs to go through five major steps: magnetic core winding, heat treatment, resin impregnation treatment, magnetic core cutting, and boxing. Among them, heat treatment is the most critical link, which is related to product quality and performance.

At present, the main products are toroidal magnetic cores, special-shaped magnetic cores, cutting magnetic cores, high-frequency transformers, etc. In addition, the self-developed and produced transverse magnetic furnaces are also sold.

In practical application, nanocrystalline magnetic core material is closely related to our life. At present, nanocrystalline magnetic core materials are mainly used in three major fields.

​first piece

It is widely used in the sensors of smart meters to make the meters more sensitive to monitor the current and ensure the safety of electricity consumption.

second block

Common mode choke coils and their magnetic cores (EMC), in simple terms, are safety devices that can solve electromagnetic compatibility problems. For example, in the current popular electric vehicles, if the electromagnetic compatibility problem is not solved, there may be misoperation of the window moving upward when you want to roll down the window. Installing a nanocrystalline magnetic core can solve this problem. In addition, like in elevators, nanocrystalline magnetic cores are also very much needed to solve electromagnetic compatibility problems to ensure safe operation.

third block

High-frequency transformer cores are mostly used in electrostatic dust removal equipment and high-speed rail equipment. The switching frequency of traditional electrical appliances is about 50 Hz, but the switching frequency of current electrical appliances can reach tens of kilohertz. The application of high-frequency transformer cores can conform to the trend of high-frequency industrial power supplies, improve efficiency, and realize product miniaturization, etc. .

In order to allow enterprises to keep pace with the development of the industry, they will continue to cultivate technology and master independent intellectual property rights with core competitiveness. And maintain good communication and cooperation with top large enterprises in the industry at home and abroad in terms of production and technology, and keep pace with the most cutting-edge technology at all times.

In the face of future development, some experts pointed out that the most promising market is the transformation from ordinary silicon steel electromechanical to amorphous and nanocrystalline electromechanical. The current international market has just started to explore this, and its biggest advantage is that it can greatly reduce the loss of motors. If all ordinary silicon steel sheet electromechanical motors are replaced by amorphous and nanocrystalline electromechanical motors, this will bring tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions of market energy. Level, so this may be the trend of future development.

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