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Partial failure and maintenance methods of several kinds of common transformer core

by:Transmart     2021-01-22
Several common methods of partial failure and maintenance of transformer core 2019 - 03 - 30 15:06:09 several common partial failure and maintenance method of transformer core: ( 1) Feng yoke piece of insulation aging, other part of the iron core is normal, as long as the demolition of feng yoke laminated film removal, paint processing, other parts don't move. ( 2) Old transformer for core bolt insulation pipe burst, local iron nipple, cause local piece of short circuit between the iron core. To repair, to remove the feng yoke, hanging out the fault phase winding, demolition of the insulating tube rupture in core bolt. If short circuit is not much, depth is not deep, special scraper to remove adhesion burrs are available, and then coated with lacquer. All should take this opportunity to dismantle core column on all cores of the bolt, then use the binding weft free zone instead wear core bolt fastening effect. But without the weft binding band is too thick, in case of affect set of winding. General distribution transformer without weft binding band thickness in 1 ~ 2 mm, add a few binding band when necessary in order to reduce the thickness of the thin binding band. If the short circuit of the laminated severe burns, depth is deeper, have been bonded together, remove the laminated core column, picking with flat with short circuit, open and clear the burr, after finishing level off, remove residual film to paint, and dry processing. ( 3) Short-circuit ground fault caused by iron chip. Processing, the surface of the core, with carved open adhesion with flat thin laminated, deburring, paint can. ( 4) Iron yoke clamp or other metal parts loose, cause shock, cause core overheating phenomenon such as discoloration, paint film is burned. Through inspection, fault serious when removed for repair, in good part. In the assembly damaged fold, to have mixed with intact laminated staggered arrangement. After repair, to do the iron loss and temperature rise test.
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