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Ring core of the three major advantages

by:Transmart     2021-01-16
Ring core of the three major advantages - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:08 ring core characteristics are as follows: ( 1) Ring core without consuming juncture of magnetization capacity, for folding plate core of reactive component is:, and the ring core of reactive component only the excitation power of silicon steel sheet itself, namely type of ior for no-load current of reactive component; As an additional factor, 1. 3; As the core weight/kg; C for seam number; For transformer rated capacity, / kVA; Heavy iron excitation power for the unit, the VA/kg; For joint excitation power per unit area, VA/kg; Is the cross-sectional area, core /. As can be seen from the figure 1 capacity of magnetization curve, under the same material and same flux density ring core magnetizing power consumed per kilogram. So the ring core distribution transformer reduces the no-load excitation power, improve the power factor, reduce the power grid reactive power loss, improve the quality of power supply. Figure 1 magnetization capacity curve ( 2) Ring core make full use of the directionality of the silicon steel sheet, reduced because of magnetic circuit and the increased loss of silicon steel sheet orientation is inconsistent. ( 3) Under the same cross-sectional area, the casing outside the ring core of the four corners of type 3, and two & other; 0' Type of section for the ladder had two semicircle frame, considerate and has no effect on magnetic circuit of the triangular space ( See figure 2) , the weight of the ring core 10% ~ 12% less than fold type iron core. The reasonable core after annealing treatment, technological coefficient is 1. 05 ( Under different flux density of unit loss (see figure 3) , no-load loss more than 30% lower than the integrated. Figure 2 ring core figure 3 shape of the three-phase core molding process coefficient ( 50Hz) ( 4) The processing technology of the ring core is more appropriate with thin silicon steel sheet. Thus can give full play to good magnetization characteristic of thin silicon steel sheet, reduce the eddy current loss, improve the performance of the transformer. Fold type iron core is difficult to make use of this advantage. ( 5) Ring core because itself is a whole, without fastening enhances the anti-short circuit ability, and only at run time silicon steel sheet produced by the amplitude of the magnetostriction of noise, And fold type iron core and and from the joint core clamping uneven noise etc. ) , so the noise is extremely low, can be called environmental protection & other; Green transformer & throughout; 。
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