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Ring transformer iron core coil winding method

by:Transmart     2021-01-26
Ring transformer iron core coil around 2019 - to the method 03 - 30 15:05:11 ring transformer because of the eddy current loss is small, so the communication and buzz is low, so there are many applications in stereo equipment. And electronic enthusiasts in amateur electronics, buying finished product is great, but is expensive; Homemade with wear winding slowly and trouble. To introduce the electronic lovers now winding ring transformer iron core is a simple way. Firstly, iron core, the quality of the iron core is the key to the transformer. The author suggested the ring current transformer iron core. 100:5 a 3 00:5 current transformer iron core can be used, a current transformer has a capacity of about 14 va. If making A 3 0 v A toroidal transformer need three transformer core, if you want to make A capacity of 50 10 va va or ring transformer can and so on. You can do transformer skeleton, skeleton material can use bakelite insulation board, plastic board, electrical board, etc. Now in my 30 va ring transformer skeleton size, we give a brief introduction as an example. As shown, a = 2. 5厘米,b = 3。 2厘米,c = 2。 5厘米,d = 3。 2 cm, H = 4 cm, and then use the 502 quick-drying glue adhesive forming its winding coil on the skeleton. Primary 220 v available line diameter of 0. The 18 mm series of QZ enameled wire tightly wound 1283 turn; Secondary 17 v selects the line diameter of 0. 51 mm QZ series of enameled wire around 99 turn, its each circle number is 5. 83 turns. The first level between the layers with 0. 12 mm thick green shell paper insulation. With this method still can make center tap or tap transformer, electronic fan, please according to the needs in production. Coil winding and iron core of a circle can be through the skeleton, attention must combine closely, lest produce undue noise. Core hob people all wear and then made a tin bracket, and according to need stiletto installation, so that the fixed transformer and clamping core. The next step is to dry the varnished the transformer. Handle is used after the primary and secondary insulation measurement, 50 v megohmmeter at infinity can be used.
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