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The general content of silicon steel sheet iron core

by:Transmart     2021-01-10

Silicon steel sheet, which is a low-carbon ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy, generally containing 0.5 to 4.5 percent silicon. Adding silicon can increase the resistivity and large permeability of iron, reduce coercivity, core loss (iron loss) and magnetic aging. Mainly used to make iron cores of various transformers, motors and generators. The main requirements for the performance of silicon steel are: low iron loss, which is an important indicator of silicon steel sheet quality; high magnetic induction (magnetic induction) under a strong magnetic field, which reduces the volume and weight of the iron core of motors and transformers, and saves silicon steel sheets , Copper wire and insulating materials, etc.; the surface is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness, which can improve the filling factor of the iron core; the punching property is more important for the manufacture of miniature and small motors; the adhesion and weldability of the surface insulation film are good, It can prevent corrosion and improve the punching performance; basically no magnetic aging.
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