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The role of amorphous magnetic core in electronic transformer

by:Transmart     2022-04-26

Magnetic core plays an indispensable role in electronic transformers, a good core will affect the efficiency of electronic transformers. Traditional magnetic cores are made of ordinary ferrite. However, with the advancement of technology, amorphous magnetic cores gradually appear. Compared with traditional magnetic cores, amorphous magnetic cores have much higher saturation magnetic density than ordinary ferrite magnetic cores. And low loss, small size and popular.u200b
Amorphous cores can be divided into strip-type cores and powder-type cores according to the shape of the material. Compared with strip-type magnetic cores, the powder-type amorphous magnetic cores of Jinxin Magnetics Co., Ltd. can achieve more diverse shapes, sizes and even colors, and are more suitable for small and lightweight electronic transformers. Xinjing Magneto Electric specializes in the production of powder-type amorphous magnetic cores.
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