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The role of the HDD

by:Transmart     2020-10-22
Magnetic hard disk drives ( HDD) In each information play an important and the role of a processing system; In fact, this role has been due to capacity, performance and price increases. Since the advent of a hard disk in 1956, the device got a significant other, extend its value. Discuss what interesting emerging is possible, and the impact of these will be used in the design of hard disk in the future. In 1998, nearly 1. 500 million hard drives forecast will make the total capacity of storage 600 PB ( PB is 1015 bytes) ; All the statistics are a year within the scope of the data [ 。 In 1998 the average driver storage capacity had an average of 4 billion bytes ( 4 GB) The price below $70 per GB. Figure 1 is the hard disk of schematic diagram, including components. Magnetic storage occur when a read/write basic sensor or head scanning rotating disk surface. In the specific magnetization concentric rings or orbital area is created through the write operation, if you've written. Precision mechanical systems support the scanning process; Buried micro-motor in the spindle or hub and actuator disk by voice coil motor principle to run across the disk. Ramp component allows the head in the process of flight in pneumatic way across during the disk rotating disk surface, smooth and the use of the disk, thus reducing the speed, resulting in larger data density. Although each precision of mechanical parts is the basic, fundamental design is very simple. Magnetic pulse during read operations will be converted to analog sensor amplifier to produce electrical signals, finally by data channel and error correction. HDD electronic content is bigger, perform the function of the data and control each operation and driving mechanical components. Today is one of the more common in the HDD disk product diameter is 95 mm. An evolutionary direction is increased by increasing the storage capacity of hard drives, each packing density on the surface of the disk, and read and to write these data rate.
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