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The structure characteristics of three-dimensional 巻 iron core transformer

by:Transmart     2021-01-25
Three-dimensional 巻 iron core transformer structure - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:36 1, magnetic circuit optimization ( 1) Three-dimensional volume no seam between the core layer, magnetic circuit everywhere distributed evenly, no obvious high resistance area, no seams distortion phenomena of the magnetic flux density. ( 2) Direction of the magnetic flux exactly the same as that of silicon steel sheet crystal orientation. ( 3) The sum of three-phase magnetic circuit completely equal in length, length of magnetic circuit of three phase short. ( 4) Three-phase magnetic circuit completely symmetrical, completely balanced three-phase no-load current. 2, low dissipation, power saving effect is remarkable, 1) Three-dimensional volume core magnetization direction completely consistent with the rolling direction of the silicon steel sheet, and no pick 槰 lap between the core layer, uniform flux distribution in all parts of the magnetic circuit, no obvious high resistance area, no seams distortion phenomena of the magnetic flux density. Under the premise of the same material, coiling core compared with fold type iron core, its iron loss coefficient from 1 process. 3 - 1. Dropped between 5 to 1. 05, that alone can make core loss is reduced to 10 - 20%. ( 2) Due to the special three-dimensional structure, make the iron yoke part of the core material than traditional laminated iron core is reduced by 25%, and reduce the Angle of the weight of the total weight of iron core is about 6%. ( 3) Shear processing of silicon steel sheet will worsen its permeability performance, three-dimensional volume core high-temperature ( 800℃) Vacuum nitrogen inflator annealing treatment, not only eliminates the iron core of mechanical stress, and refine the magnetic domain of silicon steel sheet, improve the ability of silicon steel sheet secondary recrystallization, makes the performance of the silicon steel sheet greatly superior to the performance of the factory. ( 4) After the examination, three-dimensional no-load loss of transformer is gb reduce 25 35%, no-load current can be reduced by 92%. 3, low noise due to the three-dimensional wound core is the silicon steel strip material on dedicated core winding machine uninterrupted, continuous rolling closely and become, no seams, won't produce as folding plate of the noise due to the magnetic circuit of discontinuity. At the same time, the three-phase magnetic circuit, the magnetic flux are symmetric, work flux density design is reasonable, thus product noise is reduced greatly. 4, strong overload capacity ( 1) The calorific value of the product itself is very low: wound core transformer no-load loss and no-load current is very small, its product itself is very low calorific value; ( 2) A three-phase coil & other; Product & throughout; Font configuration, in an up and down through the center of the natural gas is formed between coil & ndash; — “ Ventilation pipe & throughout; , because the iron yoke temperature 30 - up and down 40 ℃, produce strong air convection, the cold air from below the center channel, radiation heat from within the feng up the iron yoke cant go out, quickly take away the heat generated by the transformer in the natural cycle. 5, compact structure, covers an area of small special three-dimensional core make the product compact structure, rational layout, body reduce 10 - plane footprint area than traditional products 10-15%, reduce body height 20%, if change volume box is installed in the box-type substation be narrowed nearly a quarter.
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