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Three-dimensional volume iron core and the traditional laminated iron core in the difference on the structure

by:Transmart     2021-01-25
Three-dimensional volume core with laminated iron core difference in the structure of the traditional 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:37 1, manufacturing method is winding type instead of folding plate laminated iron core transformer core manufacturing method, first by the slitting line and horizontal shear line silicon steel belt processing into a certain shape of silicon steel sheet, and then the silicon steel sheet assembling into a plane, each plane to have eight joint five films. There is a three shortcomings: (the core 1) There are many joints in the magnetic circuit form of air gap, the air gap increases the magnetic resistance of magnetic circuit, thereby increasing the wear and tear. ( 2) Two pieces of thru the direction of the magnetic circuit with the direction of the high permeability silicon steel sheet. ( 3) Between piece and piece is not quite close together, not only reduces the coefficient of laminated, more important is to enlarge the noise. Solid core were in a certain shape by the number of root of silicon steel belt continuous winding, no air gap in the magnetic circuit; Silicon steel with high permeability direction and the direction of the magnetic circuit completely consistent, so the magnetic resistance is small, low dissipation; Silicon steel belt between closely, thus significantly reduce the noise of the iron core. Laminated coefficient is also improved. 2, core column arrangement different laminated iron core transformer of the three core columns are arranged plane, the magnetic circuit of intermediate core column short, good performance, low loss, and the two side column magnetic circuit long, performance is poor, no-load current is large, resulting in the three-phase unbalanced system. Three-dimensional volume of iron core transformer three core column are arranged in a three-dimensional of an equilateral triangle. Three magnetic circuit length is consistent, and short, no-load current is small, so the three core column and consistent, and the balance of three phase. And due to the short three magnetic circuit, thus significantly reduced the core weight, saving material silicon steel belt. 3, core column of different cross-section shapes, section space factor of different traditional core core column cross-sectional shape is stepped, general small and medium-sized series of laminated iron core transformer lamination for 5 ~ 10, the filling coefficient of the cross section of 0. 89-0. 925. Although the more series filling coefficient, the greater the manufacture, the more trouble. Three-dimensional volume core adopts multiple root trapezoid strip winding and become, cross section shape is accurate polygon, filling coefficient of 0. 95-0. 96. As a result, the filling coefficient of three-dimensional volume core section is larger than the filling coefficient of laminated iron core section 3. 5% ~ 6%, that is, under the condition of the same cross-sectional area, core core pillars inscribed circle diameter decreases 2% ~ 3%. Thereby reducing the average winding turns, saving copper 2% ~ 3%, and reduce the load loss.
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