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Transformer core processing quality management methods

by:Transmart     2021-01-27
2019 - transformer core processing quality management method 03 - 30 15:05:40 transformer core processing quality management method, transformer core before delivery shall ensure that the geometric dimensions is not super bad, no-load loss not super planning value, no rust. Appearance no rust, core column not skewed, twists and turns, not running deviation, iron pole at the end of the winding deformation. The operator, Cut on the piece of work, laminated, clamp and binding) Self-inspection, mutual inspection and professional quality view controller view of combining the criterion. The operator of its processing parts for self-inspection, mutual inspection. Self-inspection, mutual inspection process, found the problem after correction from punishment, transferred to the front of the working procedure must be through the professional quality view member view, qualified rear can into the next to the procedure. If there is any quality problem, according to the specific circumstances to dispose of the operator, professional quality view controller from sanction. As a result of leak, or check out the quality problem, once found to dispose of professional quality view controller and the operator, and reward to found the problem. No-load loss not super planning core values. Unqualified goods with no factory, special cases should be reported to the general manager agree. No-load loss method to ensure that wuxi transformer core, production technology department according to the contract of sale and core diameter request, reasonable choose silicon steel sheet, to cut piece, laminated to set aside a reasonable technical coefficient. Such as cut, fold technology is normal, no-load loss error & plusmn; More than 3% of the audit planning personnel. After obtaining accounting drawing core processing workshops, first check the drawings, whether satisfaction technology coefficient, if in doubt timely communicate with technical department, in order to adjust, no communication form rework hours, bear their workshop. Transformer core processing quality management methods, cutting workshop, shear response before choosing, processing of silicon steel sheet ( Edge, roll Angle, rust) , such as crease unqualified silicon steel sheet don't have to, no rough when operation ( Silicon steel sheet excessive winding touch attack) , such as processing rough operations according to quality management rewards and punishment method. If there are any new line formed by the rough operation, the operator to compensate the company lost, the shift of the person in charge of with the workshop. Shear sheet stock to pay attention to the silicon steel sheet rolling direction, the length direction of shear piece shall be the one to rolling direction.
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