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Basic knowledge of inductance coil daqo

by:Transmart     2020-08-14
_B_ inductors recognition classification and measurement of unit: referred to as 'heng' (Henry H) 1 h = 103 mh = 106: uh symbol 'L' hollow inductor intentional inductance variable inductance patch inductance, inductance type: structure: with enameled wire filter inductor winding on a skeleton and inductance in presence of core is divided into two kinds: one is the hollow inductor, 2 it is to have a magnetic core inductance; UPS power supply by device type is divided into vertical, horizontal, small, stationary, etc. ; According to operating frequency bump into high frequency APF active power filter inductor and low-frequency inductance coil. Hollow smaller inductance, intentional inductance (larger 'The role of the core is to add inductance)' , intentional inductance can be divided into core and core, magnetic core is bigger than iron core inductance. 1, SMT inductance: symbol: SMD inductance L, FB 'SMD inductance, inductance coil, 2 symbols:' L '3, the nominal method and parameters of the inductor: 1, the nominal inductance method has two kinds: the first for the standard method, the second for the color standard method ( 1) , direct standard method: line inductance printed directly on the inductor ( 2) , color standard method: color ring inductance, unit for mH, DiYiErWei suggests useful Numbers, the third show that ratio, the fourth for the error. 2, influence the size of the inductance elements are: ( 1) , number of turns: knee covered wire number of turns, the more laps, the greater the inductance. ( 2) , cross-sectional area: knee envelope of the thickness, the more coarse inductance. ( 3) , with or without core 3, impedance, inductance coil of alternating current (ac) presents a special effect. Similar with capacitive reactance inductance, inductance impedance size has two elements, namely the inductive reactance of inductance and frequency calculation formula: X2 = 2 ∏ FL X2 impedance for inductors, F through the coil, the frequency of the alternating current for the inductor L inductance of 4, rated current is one of the main parameters of inductance and rated current is refers to the inductor promised after the maximum current in normal operation. Used in the actual operation current of inductor is less than rated current, the necessary or inductance coil will be severe fever even burned down. 5, quality factor: nominal for the Q value, with the letter 'Q'. Q value shows that the quality of the coil, the higher the Q value, power loss of the smaller inductance coil, the higher the power.
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