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How important is it to small magnetostrictive for industrial _

by:Transmart     2020-09-20
In the past decade, the mechanical milling and alloying method has been widely popular, you can create several phase equilibrium and non-equilibrium alloy, soft magnetic alloy core these alloys for permalloy feasibility study and using of more. Density of soft magnetic materials, its density in 13 tons/cm2 at 7. 55 g/cm3, coercive force of 310 A/m, resistivity for micro o. 8000 centimeters, the mechanical strength of 100 MPA. Permalloy is one kind has high magnetic permeability, small coercive force, nominal core loss and a small amount of residue of the alloy produced by magnetic field annealing. It can be used to require relatively smaller than the earth's magnetic field of the magnetic field of magnetic shielding. Involves the use of laminated or spirally wound core large volume of applications is a ground fault circuit breaker and modem transformer magnetic core. Permalloy for many transformer core applications, such as recording head and audio transformer. Subsequent heat treatment and superposition of different baking process to control, to produce more suitable for the application of magnetic. Small magnetostriction is important for industrial applications, it can be used to stress change of thin film, otherwise it will lead to catastrophic changes in a wide range of the magnetic properties. According to the applied magnetic field intensity and direction of permalloy resistivity may be changing 5%. Permalloy have face-centered cubic crystal structure, the nickel content is about 80%, the lattice constant is about 0. 355 nm。 It is no good ductility or machinability, therefore requires the application of complex shapes ( Such as magnetic shield) Is the use of high mo us, Mu metal, for example) Made of. Permalloy used in transformer lamination and magnetic recording head.
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