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How to deal with the powder material

by:Transmart     2020-10-12
Involved in temperature is another important aspect to consider changes, may occur. Soft magnetic alloy that will change the performance of the inductors, will affect the output ripple. If you compare the temperature of the powder material MPP has stability, reduced to 2% in 200 ° C in C high flux and iron silicon aluminium alloy from 4% and 8% respectively, the comparison applies to 125 (including. An interesting observation is that the MPP and high flux rate are increased, and with the flux decline as the fairy dust. For a higher rate, temperature deviation is bigger also. 2. 5 design considerations for this section will discuss the different aspects of inductor design, and learn from the switching power supply. Supply design by Abraham pressman. For inductor design, several aspects should be considered. Which is applied to any applications, electric induction using what rating, such as current, voltage, frequency operation. Which is the inductance L, N is the number of turns of conductor, AL is the AL conductor to a specific material. AL value depending on the permeability of the material and geometry size, given by the core manufacturer. Such as 2. 1. Mentioned in section 1, dc bias will affect the permeability core material. Another will change the parameters of the inductance value is working frequency. Manufacturers usually present frequency inductance and current changes, but when the dc bias, remain low by sweeping frequency, and vice versa. As a result, calculate the inductance value may be different from the actual value. So a test should be carried out in actual circuit inductance, to protect their properties within the design scope. When designing for decompression of the converter inductor, the main factors influencing the performance of inductor is the output dc current. Usually keep inductance is higher, in order to get the smooth output current, without ripples. In the case of high output current, if the inductance drops, it can increase the number of turns or higher material utilization rate. High magnetic permeability of a problem is that the permeability when the current changes, due to initial permeability decline will have larger deviation earlier another case will increase the wastage of the inductor, because a higher number of turns means longer turns conductor, resulting in higher resistance loss.
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