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How to judge transformer core quality

by:Transmart     2020-09-21
For transformer core, we can from the magnetic induction intensity, iron loss, permeability limitation such as to determine the quality of the iron core. Discriminant method there are many kinds of iron core is good or bad, but also LangYou not, now I teach you through the following simple method to distinguish: under the condition of the haste, and insufficient conditions, we can through macroscopic observation method. From 1, the color of the material texture, for example, in terms of core, generally USES the orientation of cold rolled silicon steel sheet, it is commonly gray, without orientation of silicon steel sheet is on the other hand, the surface of hot rolled generally have hemp lines; 2, also can see thickness: silicon steel sheet of the thinner, the quality is better, because of the lower core eddy loss; 3, the next see process roughly: core surface is smooth, level off, the thickness is uniform and shear have burrs, etc. 4, through the manufacturer to provide the parameters of the judgment, in general, different core using the same power, small size is better. 5, also depends on the quality of the insulation layer, it is important to reduce more short circuit, our core is through vacuum pressurized leaching paint equipment use imported epoxy resin paint and through the vacuum drying oven drying, but also by a self-used equipment ( Resistance measuring instrument, the shaking table by megger) Whether the insulation between detection between components and silicon steel sheet. In conclusion, a good a good throughout the manufacturing process has been core requirements, an is your trust of choice of the south China sea. Second, judge core quality, but also can do the application in the transformer core simulation test, according to the transformer design, on the core surface around the number of turns of the coil, adapted by alternating current (ac), and by measuring the size of the current judgment, the smaller the no-load current of quality is better. Moreover, also can through the load test in the operation of the transformer temperature changes, rises high shows that the iron loss is big, and judge whether there is a noise. Conditions permit, after can also through the power meter test under the condition of core of magnetic loss, the smaller the magnetic loss, magnetic core, the better the quality, on the contrary, the worse quality. Eliminate a misconception is that use the test way of no-load current cannot judge the quality of transformer core completely, it can judge whether open, but the transformer products is judge not to come out. To sum up, when choosing core not only consider the price factor, also want to understand the core production process, the related technical parameters, such as distinguished judging the quality of the transformer core; If in doubt, can with ABB good supplier - — Transformer core manufacturers contact, we will provide good solution for you.
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