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How to reduce the ring transformer core noise

by:Transmart     2021-01-19
How to reduce the noise of ring transformer core 2019 - 03 - 30 15:05:34 low-frequency ring transformer core of noise to human body harm is very big, belongs to a kind of long-term, chronic hazards, if long-term have this kind of noise will cause harm to the human ear, and even complete loss of hearing. The ring of the noise of the transformer core is how to produce, and how to reduce the noise? Ring transformer core of mechanical noise: the core of silicon steel sheet under the effect of alternating magnetic field, can change the magnetostriction, magnetostriction will make iron core with periodic vibration noise excitation frequency change. For this need is core manufacturers increased regulation of the selection of raw materials, selects the high quality cold-rolled steel rolled seamless and into the core to make. This is because the quality of the iron core made of the quality of the transformer is more secure. The non-standard process produce noise: transformer specification requirements during production process, need the enameled wire evenly and secured during winding ring transformer core. Power transformer thermal noise, like this can by changing the low noise components to reduce or reduces the working load of the element method, on the other hand, reduce the working temperature is one of the effective methods. Of course in the hole in the water epoxy resin, ring type transformer transformer etc. These methods can also be equipped with shields to reduce iron core noise effect. Type of ring transformer core made 23 23 zh100 ZDMH, 23 zh90, low iron loss, such as high permeability cold-rolled orientation of high quality silicon steel materials; Magnetic circuit closed completely, no leakage, magnetic for optimal.
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